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Etched Aquamarine Eye

In order to turn the remains of a dragon into a trophy, you need an extraordinary behemoth potion and an etched aquamarine eye.

The eye is a spellcrafted gem. At 1009, it's the highest-level gem on the spellcrafting menu.

The total cost of ingredients for an etched aquamarine eye is 250 gold plus the value of a diamond seal.

Here are instructions for the spellcrafter who makes the eye:

Step One: Make sure you have at least one diamond seal from Darkness Falls in your pack. (Note to Pendragon players: The seals sold by imps in the capital cities don't work for this purpose. You need a genuine DF seal.)

Step Two: Go to the main market in your housing zone (Meath, Caerwent, or Erikstaad).

Step Three: Give the diamond seal to the taxidermist. He will hand you back a "cleansed diamond seal."

Step Four: From the apprentice alchemist in the market, buy a "bewitched hammer."

Step Five: At the alchemy table in the market, make a "crushed diamond seal dust." (This is one of the last items on your spellcrafting menu.)

Step Six: From the alchemist apprentice in the market, buy a "flawless aquamarine" and an "arcane etching acid."

Step Seven: At the alchemy table, make an "etched aquamarine eye." (This is one of the last items on your spellcrafting menu.)

Wall mount of Golestandt
Finished wall mount of Golestandt, the Alb dragon.
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