Trophy Basics

An assortment of trophies. From left to right: Faewren, Sergeant Cosworth, Zrit-zrit, the original Golestandt, Daewain, Prugor, Albino Grugnor. The Norse runemaster isn’t a trophy. He's in the picture to help give you an idea of the size of the trophies.

In real life, hunters often take the animals they've shot to taxidermists to be preserved and stuffed. You can do the same thing in Dark Age of Camelot by following these steps:

  • kill a particular kind of mob;
  • pick up the "remains" dropped by the mob;
  • give the remains to a taxidermist;
  • give a taxidermy potion to the taxidermist;
  • receive a trophy from the taxidermist; and
  • display the trophy in your house.

Let's go over these steps in more detail.

Kill a Particular Kind of Mob

Only a small number of special trophy mobs can be turned into trophies. This website contains lists of those mobs. Use the gold buttons above to see the lists.

All trophy mobs except rainbow sprites and barracudas have capitalized names. All of them belong to the categories (boar, cockatrice, skeleton, etc.) that Mythic describes in the housing documentation on this page . Update: The previous sentence described the original trophies introduced in 2003. Since then, Mythic added many unique trophies that don’t belong to categories.

There are three kinds of trophies: floor trophies, wall mounts, and pixie boards. Each trophy mob turns into one of these types of trophies automatically. You have no choice in the matter. For example, Prugor always turns into a floor trophy, and the Alb dragon always turns into a wall mount.

A floor trophy consists of the entire body of a mob. It stands on the floor like a statue.

A wall mount consists of just the head and neck of a mob. It hangs on a wall.

A pixie board is just for sprites. It's a plaque that hangs on a wall with the full bodies of one or more sprites pinned to it like crucified butterflies.

Pick Up the Remains

When a trophy mob dies, it usually drops a remains. You need to pick this up to make a trophy.

A mob will drop a remains only if it cons green or higher. That means it has to con green or higher not only to you, but to everybody in your group and to anybody else who helped you attack it by one of the methods that affect loot drops. If the mob cons gray, it won't drop a remains.

There is no limit to the number of remains you can receive from any particular mob. Remains are not one-time drops. If you want, you can kill a particular trophy mob repeatedly to farm numerous trophies of it.

The vast majority of trophy mobs drop a remains every time they die. However, there are at least two exceptions. Barracudas and Hurika (a mob in Tuscaren Glacier in Aegir) do not always drop remains.

Remains can be bought and sold.

Give the Remains to a Taxidermist

After you receive the remains, you need to give it to a taxidermist. These are non-player characters (npc's) in the markets of the main housing zones (Caerwent, Meath, and Erikstaad). Starting with version 1.68 of the game, there are four of them in each market:

A taxidermist who handles all trophies except rainbow sprites and mobs from Atlantis;

An apprentice taxidermist who handles rainbow sprites;

A new taxidermist who handles master-level mobs. Update: This taxidermist is now called “Atlantis Taxidermist”.

A new apprentice taxidermist who handles barracudas.

Update: There is now a fifth taxidermist called “Circle of Five Taxidermist”.

Update: There is now a sixth taxidermist called “Labyrinth Taxidermist”.

The two original Alb taxidermists introduced in 2003. Nowadays there are six different taxidermists in the market of each realm’s main housing zone.

The apprentice taxidermists are identified in the game by title. The full-fledged taxidermists are identified only by name, but you’ll recognize them because they stand near their apprentices. Update: all taxidermists now display the title “taxidermist”.

When you give a remains to a taxidermist, the game may tell you that he or she is not interested in that item. This happens because either (a) the remains came from the wrong realm, or (b) you have previously given a remains that requires the same type of potion to a taxidermist without delivering the potion. We’ll explain more about point (b) in a moment.

Give a Potion to a Taxidermist

Normally when you give a remains to a taxidermist, he’ll accept it and tell you that you need to give him a particular potion so he can finish the job. If you have the potion in your pack, you can give it to the taxidermist immediately. If you don’t have it, you’ll need to buy it from an alchemist (a player who practices the tradeskill of alchemy).

If you go off now to look for a potion, the game will treat the unfinished trophy like a quest. You can view a list of the unfinished remains you've left with taxidermists by selecting “Command” and then “Journal” from your in-game menu. If you've left unfinished remains with a taxidermist, you’ll see an entry like this one:

“Prugor’s Remains”
[Step #1] Return to the taxidermist in the market with a lesser mammology potion, which can be obtained from an alchemist.

In the example just shown, you need to find a lesser mammology potion. (Incidentally, the game spells mammology one way on the potions and a different way in chat windows and journal entries. This is just a spelling mistake; mammalogy potions and mammology potions are the same thing.)

As long as you have a journal entry for an unfinished “lesser mammalogy” trophy, no taxidermist will accept another remains that requires the same type of potion. However, you can give other remains that require other types of potions to any taxidermist. The same rule applies to other types of potions.

Display the Trophy in Your House

When you give the correct potion to the taxidermist, he will place the finished trophy in your pack. You don’t need to pay money or use a chat window.

Your trophy is now finished. To display it, take it to a house. Click its icon in your pack and then click the place in the house where you want to place it. To remove the trophy from the house and return it to your pack, double click it.

You can trade remains and trophies with other players.