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Game Changes That Affect Trophies

February 24, 2004 — Release 1.68A

A bug was fixed that had prevented players from creating trophies of Golestandt, Xanxicar, Cuuldurach, Balor, Gjalpinulva, and Nosdoden.

February 19, 2004 — Release 1.68

Ten new Atlantis trophies were added to the game.

Every housing market now contains a new taxidermist and apprentice taxidermist who process remains from Atlantis.

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August 14, 2003 — Read File Fix

Klzkizk's faction was changed so he can be attacked. (Due to a bug, he had been friendly.)

Kriszixk was fixed so he does damage when he attacks a player. (Due to a bug, he had previously done zero damage. Mythic never acknowledged this bug or the fix, probably because the problem was exploitable.)

August 12, 2003 — Release 1.64

Three new trophies were added to the game: Easmarach, Kriszixk, and Klzkizk.

A bug involving Furor was fixed. Previously, mobs in his camp sometimes spawned at a distant location. The entire camp now spawns at Breifine 36, 43.

The trophy of Nkosi was reduced in size. (However, if you had a Nkosi trophy in your house before the patch, it won't change size until you move it.)

It's no longer possible to sell trophies to npc's.

Icons were changed for Valmak's remains, Tuka's remains, Oldest's remains, and Coimirceoir's remains.

A taxidermy supplies merchant was made available for purchase for houses.

June 24, 2003 — Release 1.63

Trophies were added to the game as part of Foundations, the housing extension.

Wall mount of Golestandt
Finished wall trophy of Golestandt, the Alb dragon.
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