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Don't Be Fooled By Fake Remains!

Somebody sent us an email the other day about Bluebell's remains. The taxidermist won't take them, he told us. Are they bugged?

No, they aren't bugged. But they aren't what they appear to be.

They look like trophy remains. They even use the same artwork (a skull and crossbones) that Mythic uses for some genuine trophy remains. But Bluebell's remains are not the kind that turn into trophies.

What are they, then?

Bluebell's remains are the macguffin — the thing you have to find — in a level-4 quest called Bluebell's Disappearance which calls for you to retrieve the dead body of a bird from the cat that ate it. (When you stop to think about this — yuck.)

Iaculus remains are another example. They come from a level-46 quest that has a different name in each realm -- Parade for a Paladin, Homecoming for a Hero, or Welcoming for a Warrior. These remains are used in the quest, but they don't turn into a trophy.

Bluebell's Remains
What's wrong with this picture? Bluebell's remains look like trophy remains — but they aren't.

Iaculus remains
Here's another example. Iaculus remains come from a level-46 quest. They don't turn into a trophy.
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