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How to Compare Sizes

People often disagree about whether two trophies are the same size. One person says trophy A is bigger than B; somebody else says the two trophies are identical.

How can people disagree about something so obvious? Because it's very difficult to compare the sizes of objects in the game unless you use a careful method to compensate for variations in perspective.

On this page, we'll show two different methods that allow you to accurately compare the sizes of trophies.

Note: these methods work only for trophies of the same type. For example, on this page, all the trophies that we compare are wolves.

First, let's look at an easy method. To compare the sizes of several trophies, put them close enough to each other so the bases overlap, like this:

Rangfar, Throatripper, Lashold.

Look at the bases. There's a yellow line where the middle base overlaps the base on the left. This is due to the fact that the middle base is higher than the one on the left. It's higher because it's bigger, and it's bigger because the trophy that stands on it is bigger.

In other words, the yellow line indicates that the middle wolf is larger than the one on the left.

There's no yellow line between the middle wolf and the one on the right, so we know they are the same size.

The three wolves in this illustration, in order, are Rangfar, Throatripper, and Lashold. So we just learned that Rangfar is the smallest of the three, and that Throatripper and Lashold are the same size.

The method we just presented is easy, but some people may find it unconvincing because it compares the bases instead of the trophies themselves. To satisfy those skeptics, here's a second harder method that compares the trophies directly.

Albino Grugner and Ibicus
Sometimes it's obvious that one trophy's bigger than another. But not always.

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Throatripper and Rangfar compared with overhead screeshot method.

For method two, move your camera (default key: tilde) so you're looking straight down from overhead. Make sure everything is positioned as follows:

  • Place the trophies on the floor without rotating them (this insures that the two trophies are parallel to each other).

  • Place your own character between the two trophies. It has to be equally close to both of them.

  • Place the trophies next to each other in such a way that you can draw a straight horizontal line that divides both of them in half. (In the jargon your geometry teacher used, you need to bisect both bases). In this screenshot, you can see how we used the lower edge of the chat panel as a ruler to line up the two bases properly.

After you have the two trophies positioned properly, take a screenshot (default key: keypad-minus). Open the screenshot in a photo-editing program. Draw horizontal lines (we used red ones) to indicate the size of the larger trophy.

In the screenshot we show here as an example, the wolf on the left is bigger. The red lines reveal that his nose extends higher on the screen and that his tail extends lower.

The wolf on the left is Throatripper; the one on the right is Rangfar. So once again, we learn that Throatripper is larger than Rangfar.

You're probably thinking that this second method is too much work. You're right. But luckily, you don't need it. Trust us: the first method works fine.

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