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Mob Levels

Most mobs spawn at more than one level. The listings on this website give only the base level for each mob. The base level is the mob's lowest and most common level.

For example, here's a graph that shows 100 spawns of Kriszixk. As you can see, he's usually level 39. That's his base level. He also spawns occasionally at 40, 41, 42, and 43.

The listing for Kriszixk on this website gives 39 for his level even though one-third of his spawns are higher. Other mobs are handled the same way.

Kriszixk's highest level is about ten percent higher than his base level. Ten percent is roughly equal to the difference between one color and the next. This is why some mobs in a camp of blues are usually yellow, and why a camp of yellows normally contains some oranges.. But because of the way levels translate into cons, a camp of high oranges contains not only reds, but also a sprinkling of purples. Lefilam is an example of this — his level ranges from 55 (orange to 50) to 61 (purple to 50). (To see how numbers translate into colors, click here.)

Some mobs spawn at an even wider range of levels. The Melancholic Fairy Queen, for example, can be yellow, orange, red, or purple to 50. When a mob has an unusually wide level range, I usually say so in the text.

How do I determine a mob's level? By powertapping with a deathsight necro. The amount of power returned is equal to the mob's level.

With high-level mobs that are difficult or impossible to powertap, I usually copy the level from a Prima guide and put a question mark after it. (Prima, I believe, gets it data from Mythic.)

Where possible, I check numbers against Capnbry's radar surveys. Unfortunately he stopped making them shortly after New Frontiers went live.

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Mob Cons

  From a Reader

About once or twice a month, somebody sends an email like the following:

"Fyi, mob con color has changed. Tuka now cons yellow at level 20.  You show Tuka being level 18."

The person who wrote this email didn't know that this website shows Tuka's base level, and that it's normal for Tuka to spawn higher.

  From the Prima Guide

The Prima Guides for DAOC say that:

"...any Monster over Level 5 has a 25% chance to gain a level when it generates, and the stats for any Monster may vary from the base values by up to 5%. "

This isn't quite right.

Arr is an example of a mob that can spawn with three different colors as seen by 50s. He usually cons orange, but sometimes he's red and once in a while he's purple, like this guy.
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