The Trophy Museum on Gaheris

Our runemaster flaps his arms on the ground floor of one of the Trophy Museum’s ten buildings.

After two and a half years of blood-curdling trophy-hunting, the trophy museum is finally complete. It contains every trophy in the game.

The museum is located in ten buildings on lots 41 through 50 in Caerwent on Gaheris.

Interview with the curator

Q. Do these ten buildings really contain every trophy?

A. They used to, but not anymore.

Q. What's missing?

A. The two mauler trophies in the Labyrinth expansion. They don't exist on Gaheris, where the museum is located, so the museum wil never again be complete.

Update: Four years after the previous lines were written, Rob Frazier, the best friend Gaheris ever had at Mythic, added the mauler trophies to Gaheris. The trophy museum is once again complete.

Another update (May 2012): Once again, the museum is incomplete. This time the problem is a bug. It's impossible to obtain the ten-year-anniversary trophy on Gaheris, even with an account that can get it on Ywain.

Yet another update (Sept. 2012): The ten-year trophy is fixed on Gaheris. It's now in the museum in building 41.

Q. What about Roundtable items?

A. I don't consider them part of the game because players can't get them in the game. They are a marketing ploy. Therefore I've made no effort to acquire them for the museum. And I don't think I could get them all if I wanted to, because only one, so far as I know, ever existed on Gaheris. But if you want to see screenshots of them, click here.

Colossuss of Gaheris, founder of the Trophy Museum.

Q. How many trophies are there?

A. As of 2005 there are 169 if you count 7 trophies in Darkness Rising.

Q. It must have taken a lot of work to collect all these trophies. What made you do this?

A. No idea. Maybe you should ask my therapist.

Q. Did you get help from other people?

A. Lots of people helped me hunt trophies over the years. In most cases their names are given on the pages of this website that describe individual mobs, so I won't list them here. But my old friend Colossuss deserves special mention in this interview because he began the trophy museum back in 2003. A year later he became disgusted with the game when one of his houses decayed even though the rent was fully paid, so he gave me his accounts and left for City of Heroes. One of those accounts contained a guild mansion with several dozen trophies in it. I kept adding to the collection and eventually moved it into ten new buildings.

The Wall of Arr

Q. What's your favorite part of the museum?

A. The Wall of Arr.

Q. What's that?

A. It's a wall covered with Arr trophies.

Update: the Arr trophies now occupy a cottage of their own on lot 44 to make room for other trophies in the two mansions.

Further update: Mythic nerfed Arr and made the trophies meaningless, so I took them down.

Third update: even though the trophies are meaningless now, I put them back up anyway. Those particular trophies are real Arr trophies, collected back in the days when Arr was incredibly hard to find, and even if nobody else knows it, I know it.

Our runemaster waves in the basement of one of the Trophy Museum’s ten buildings.

Q. What's so special about Arr?

A. If you ever hunted Arr before he was nerfed, you'll understand.

Q. What's your favorite trophy?

A. Xanxicar.

Q. Why?

A. Because the artwork is terrific. The trophy is big and dramatic. And it's extremely hard to get.

Q. What's your least favorite trophy?

A. Anything from the Chapter 3 dungeons.

Q. Can you be more specific? There are five trophies in those dungeons.

A. They all look like globs of gook that someone scraped out of a kitchen drain. What's the point of trying to distinguish them?

Q. Aren't you being a little harsh?

A. I'm being harsh because Mythic has an outstanding art department that is capable of much better work.

Q. Now that the trophy collection is complete, what's your next project?

A. Are you suggesting that there's life after trophies?

Q. I don't know, I'm asking you.

A. Trophies are a hard act to follow. I don't know… maybe I'll try collecting matchbooks.