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New Trophies in 1.75

The folks at Mythic packed a bunch of new trophies into version 1.75. These trophies went live on April 6, 2005.

Evern The original Hib epic mob.
25k, 64k Breifine.
Green Knight The original Alb epic mob.
24.6k, 44.5k Forest Sauvage.
Legendary Afanc Mom was a beaver and dad was a dinosaur.
38k, 21k Llyn Barfog.
Maldahar the Glimmer Prince Second-in-command in Sheeroe Hills. For location, click here.
Orey-eyed Oghamist

Big guy with a bad temper.
55.5k, 24.7k Cursed Forest.

Stanga Two-headed dog.
13.7k, 24.3k Iarnvidiur Dungeon.
Yar Meanest thing in Malmo, after the dragon.
6.6k, 58.6k Malmohus.

Chief Amanita Meanest mushroom in Hibernia. 22.6k, 23.8k Underground Forest.
Dub Hib Darkspire boss.
Fafnir Mid Darkspire boss.
Golnar Mid gargoyle. Yellow to 50. Sits on mausoleum at 21.1k, 12.2k Deadlands of Arrawn.
Grubthor Alb gargoyle. Wait for him to fly by at the obelisk in Lower Crypt.
Mordred Alb Darkspire boss.
Orunos Meanest mushroom in Midgard. 27.6k, 18.5k Underground Forest
Terracite Cthiyrkkftooift Meanest mushroom in Albion. 21.2k, 22.1k Underground Forest
Click for more info and screenshots Winged Terror Hib gargoyle. Wait for him to fly by at 17.6k, 5.1k Deadlands of Arrawn.
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