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New Trophies in 1.80

Seven new trophies were included in the initial release of Darkness Rising. They have different names in each realm.

Click on a trophy in the picture for more information.

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The wall trophy on the left is the final boss in the Chapter 2 champion quest. The floor trophy in the middle is the final boss in the Chapter 3 champion quest. The other trophies are mini-bosses in the Chapter 3 dungeons.

All these trophies require etched aquamarine eyes and extraordinary behemoth potions.

These trophies are on display in house 41, Caerwent, on Gaheris.

Special thanks to Haytr, Mudknot, Ragniff, Screach, Shammera, and Shewarrior of Gaheris for donating trophies.

Many thanks to the following readers who sent screenshots and other information about these trophies during the first few days after they went live: Spammyiam, Guenevia of Guinevere, Kaelaryn, Dustin C., Guh of Palomides, Akinit, Eleonry of Percival, Alexy of Lance, Jef C., Arithius of Lancelot, Husk, Atalo Cross of Kay, Erendia of Lamorak, Knowah A., Shadowraith of Gawaine, Spyy of Gaheris, Dominusz of Merlin, Aareloa of Tristan, Falcar Dekion of Guinevere, Rimsy of Lancelot, Jason S., Falcwine of Galahad, Gerard P., Rackhir of Bedevere, Puh of Merlin, Reagen and Cady of Nimue, Suppa of Merlin, Jamugha of Gaheris, and Curt W.

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