Roundtable Items

This is what you had to do to get one of these items. Strange way to play an online game, isn’t it?

On three occasions in the past, Mythic created special items that it gave to customers who attended so-called “roundtable” events. The items could be placed in houses in the game, but the events took place in the real world. You had to travel in real life to the cities where these events took place to obtain the items.

It was impossible and still is impossible to get these items by playing the game.

In my view, these trophies were marketing gimmicks, not legitimate parts of the game, and for years I refused to list them on this website. However, people keep writing to me asking about them, so I’m posting pictures of the items on this page.

A few years after I published this page, somebody wrote and asked, “Why do you say these items aren’t legitimate parts of the game? I don’t understand.”

Because it has always been impossible to obtain these items by playing the game.

Look, Prugor’s trophy is part of the game because to get it, you travel in the game to Vale of Mularn which is in the game where your in-game character kills a mob in the game. But to get the gargoyle roundtable item, your physical body which was not in the game had to climb into an airplane which was not in the game and fly to Las Vegas which was not in the game where you talked to Mythic employees who were not in the game.

Update: In April 2010, Mythic started giving away the 2006 Las Vegas item to players as compensation for a billing error. As a result, thousands of these items came into existence on the live servers. Getting overcharged by Mythic didn’t happen in the game ‒ it was a real-life overcharge that caused many people to go over their limits on their credit cards, causing other payments to fail and damaging their credit ratings ‒ so this item still isn’t part of the game.

Many thanks to Skorpio of Pellinor for bringing two of these items to my attention.

Gargoyle roundtable trophy

Gargoyle wall trophy from the Las Vegas roundtable in 2005. This item appeared in this old grab bag article. Does it seem strange that the Mythic artist who made this picture went to the trouble of showing the item from two angles, but instead of of showing two substantially different angles, he or she chose angles that are almost identical? What was the point?

Roundtable item, Virginia 2005

Marble table from the the Virginia roundtable in 2005. This item was mentioned by Mythic here. Many thanks to Skorpio of Pellinor for this screenshot.

Roundtable item, Las Vegas 2006

Wall furnishing from the Las Vegas roundtable in 2006. I think it’s interesting that the Mythic artist who made this picture showed the item from an angle where it will probably never be seen in the game. This shows that the artist doesn’t really understand how his or her work will fit into the game, and it tells us something about Mythic and some of the people who work for Mythic. Click here for more info (scroll down).