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Details About Selected Trophies

5 Year Crest 10 Year Crest 13th Anniversary Tapestry Ammut Andranchos Xuthos Anniversary Trophies Barracuda Bignose in old frontier Cerberus Cetus Cetus in version 1.68a Cetus in version 1.68d Chimera Chisisi Chisisi in version 1.69d Daehien Easmarach Echo of Qebehsenuef Geirshnae Gilia Glacier Giant Gualach in old frontier Hallea Howl Keres Khrin Kleps Klops Kosma Kriszixk Martikhoras Mauler Floor Trophy and Mauler Garden Trophy Medusa Melos Wave Master Mesedsubastet Minotaur Construct Mournful King Muxog Naxos Tidal Lord Nosdoden Oldest Ora Ora in version 1.69d Orseo Floor Trophy and Orseo Garden Trophy Pallida Uraei Pallida Uraei in version 1.69d Phoenix Phoenix in version 1.68a Phoenix in version 1.68c Prugor Queen Major Rangfar Razorfin Razorfin in version 1.69 Runihura Samut Sinovia Sinovia in version 1.69d Skyos Dreadnaught Stripe Talos Tutankhsekhmet Typhon Typhon in version 1.68a Ulor se Bysen Vaerin Vanol Vanol in version 1.69d Yefeu Zhulrathuul Zoea Zrit-Zrit

Basic facts about trophies

Trophy basics Which realm gets the most trophy types? Size comparisons (screen shots) Don't be fooled by fake remains How to compare sizes Game changes that affect trophies How to find the secret tunnel How to make an etched aquamarine eye Mob Cons Mob Levels New Trophies in 1.68 New Trophies in 1.69 New Trophies in 1.70 New Trophies in 1.75 New Trophies in 1.80 New Trophies in 1.82 New Trophies in 1.86 New Trophies in 1.96c Five New Mystery Trophies Roundtable Items Spawn Times The Trophy Museum on Gaheris The Truth About Locations Skoll

Size Comparisons

Ants Badgers Birds Boars Cats Cockatrices Frogs Iaculi Lions Lizards Mantas Mantises Octopi Skeletons Spiders Wolves

Test Results

Respec'ing a Fully-autotrained Paladin Agramon Drop Rates on Gaheris

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Lottacam (run more than two DAOCs on one PC) Dipper (interrupt parser) Camelotto (lotto parsing utility) MemWatch (measures memory usage)


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