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ToA Trophies Added in 1.68

Ten new trophies have been added to Trials of Atlantis (ToA) in version 1.68 of the game.

The new trophies include barracudas and the nine final mobs from master level trials.

As part of this change, new taxidermists and apprentice taxidermists have been added. Starting with version 1.68, there are four of these npc's in each housing zone market:

A taxidermist who handles all trophies except rainbow sprites and mobs from Atlantis;

An apprentice taxidermist who handles rainbow sprites;

A new taxidermist who handles master-level mobs;

A new apprentice taxidermist who handles barracudas.

The apprentice taxidermists are identified in the game by title. The full-fledged taxidermists are identified only by name, but you'll recognize them because they stand near their apprentices.

Here's the complete text of Mythic's announcement of these changes:

Trials of Atlantis Trophies

Players can now make trophies from the 9 final Trial encounter monsters, as well as barracudas from the waters of Atlantis. New taxidermists and apprentice taxidermists have been added to the housing zones in each realm to create the trophies. Speak to the following NPCs in the housing zones to create your trophies for Cetus, the Runihura, Medusa, Martikhoras, Ammut, the Chimera, Typhon, Talos, and the Phoenix. The apprentice taxidermists will create barracuda trophies.

Albion - Ectant Dinailaine, Ilphrae Dinailaine, Jhanva Dinailaine, Airyn Dinailaine, Ybaedric Dinailaine

Midgard - Frolder, Warmir, Hudi, Thieya, Aenda

Hibernia - Sannan, Sabrea, Sionyn, Sadoc, Sioned

(This announcement was included in the patch notes for test version 1.68a on January 20, 2004.)


Starting with version 1.68, you'll find two taxidermists and two apprentice taxidermists in each market in the housing zones. Only the assistants are identified by title. The full-fledged taxidermists, like Sheldon Ripley in Caerwent, stand near their apprentices.
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