10 Year Crest

Our runemaster is shocked by the thought that this trophy cost him $1800.

This trophy is given to players whose accounts have been active for ten years. Accounts don't have to be continuously active but rather their active periods have to add up to ten years. For example, if you played for five years, then cancelled for two years, then played again for five years, you would qualify for the trophy.

In other words, if you’ve made 120 months’ worth of payments for the game, no matter how many times you cancelled and returned, you qualify for the trophy.

So really it's a badge that says, “I paid 120 months X $15 = $1800 to Electronic Arts.”

Unless of course you have a comped account. In that case you get the trophy free. But most people pay.

The 5 Year Crest and 10 Year Crest. The 10 Year Crest indicates that the owner spent twice as much money, so its gold trim and larger size are appropriate.

To get this trophy, talk to the census overseer in the capital outside the throne room. The toon has to be level 40 or higher, and every toon on the account can get it. For years the process for obtaining this trophy was badly bugged and the game often refused to give the trophy to people who qualified for it. These problems may or may not be fixed now.

Here’s what Mythic said about this trophy when they announced it in the patch notes for version 1.112:

Players will notice new titles and a new trophy relating to the Dark Age of Camelot 10th anniversary…

Accounts that have been active for 10 years will want to talk to the Census Overseer in the capital cities to obtain their 10 year wall trophy.

$1800 and worth every penny!