13th Anniversary Tapestry

Our 14-year-old runemaster studies the 13th Anniversary Tapestry. Scroll down for an unobstructed view of it.

Back in 2014 you could get this trophy just by asking for it but that’s over now. That was a special deal to celebrate the game’s 13th anniversary. Nowadays if you ask the NPCs to give you one, they look at you like you’re nuts and pretend they never heard of it. The only way to get one now is from a player who got it in 2014.

This item is a modified version of a poster that Mythic made three years earlier to celebrate the game’s tenth birthday. Broadsword took that poster, added a bit of texture to make it look like a tapestry, and turned it into a trophy.

The poster published by Mythic in 2011 to celebrate the game’s tenth birthday. Click the picture to see it at its full resolution (warning, it’s huge).

Mythic was very proud of this artwork. They teased it for weeks on their website by releasing one section at a time, as if they were uncovering some great treasure; they sold it for $65 in the Bioware online store; and they even made a 16-minute video about it.

But what the poster really showed was how far Mythic and Dark Age of Camelot had fallen in ten years, because compared to the painting that Mythic had commissioned ten years earlier for the launch of the game ‒ well, I don’t want to say anything unkind about the 2011 poster, but the difference in quality is huge and obvious.

Painting by Therese Nielsen commissioned by Mythic for the launch of DAOC.

Getting back to the tapestry, here’s what Broadsword said about it on October 1, 2014 when it went live:

Today marks the beginning of our 13th Anniversary month. In celebration of our birthday, we have instituted the following Hot Fix notes on Ywain and Gaheris:

Players can visit the Royal Accountant outside their realm’s Throne Room in the capital cities to receive the 13th Anniversary Housing Tapestry.

Albion characters can visit Traurig in Camelot for the trophy.

Midgard characters can visit Oropyehho in Jordheim for the trophy.

Hibernia characters can visit Droevig in TIr na Nog for the trophy.

Huge thanks to Lucy of Gaheris, guild master of Survivors, without whom this site would still look like it did in 2003.

Click this picture to see the tapestry image at its full resolution.