5 Year Crest

Our runemaster thinks about the things he could have bought with the $900 that this trophy cost him.

This item is called the 5 Year Crest, and it’s given away in the game together with an item called the Anniversary Trophy, so people assume it was created to celebrate the game’s fifth anniversary.

But actually this trophy was added to the game in September 2007, about a month before the game’s sixth anniversary.

Apparently the number 5 refers not to the anniversary but to how many years’ worth of DAOC you’ve bought. If you’ve paid for 60 months, you get this trophy for free from the census overseers in the throne rooms. If you played for a couple of years, then cancelled for a while, then came back, etc., that's okay as long as there’s a total of 60 paid months. Each toon on the account can get the trophy provided they are level 40 or higher. Or at least they’re supposed to get it. The census overseers were buggy for a long time and many people have had trouble getting the trophy. Maybe the bugs have been fixed by now.

The 5 Year Crest and 10 Year Crest. The 10 Year Crest indicates that the owner spent nearly $2000 on DAOC, so its gold trim and larger size are appropriate.

Of course Mythic and Broadsword don’t describe it this way. They don’t say “this trophy is awarded to people who have paid us for 60 months of DAOC.” Instead they say the trophy is awarded to accounts that have been “accumulatively active” for 60 months. But for most people the two statements mean the same thing, and my way is easier to understand.

There is one small group of people for whom the two statements don’t mean the same thing: players with comped accounts.

Here's what Mythic said about this trophy in the patch notes for version 1.90 on September 5, 2007:

Players who have accounts which have been active for 5 years are eligible to receive two new trophies [the other one was the Anniversary Trophy] as rewards to our veteran players.

Players should visit the Census Overseer, in their capital city, just outside the throne room, to find out if they are eligible.

Note: Your account does not need to be active for 5 years consecutively, but 5 years accumulatively to be eligible. Characters also must be at least level 40 to be eligible.

$900 and worth every penny!