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Arr is different from other trophy mobs. You don't hunt Arr; he hunts you.

Here's how you'll meet up with him: You'll be somewhere in Gripklosa Mountains, minding your own business, when he suddenly drops out of the sky and grabs you.

He's a griffon, a flying creature with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.

Players have spent thousands of hours trying to find a method to locate him and pull him. Despite rumors and misinformation, no such method has ever been found.

All you can do is park a couple of toons somewhere in Gripklosa Mountains, cross your fingers, and wait for Arr to attack. Be prepared to wait a long time, maybe days.

Here are some facts about Arr that may be useful to you:

  • He will attack a group even if every member has friendly faction with griffons.

  • He usually carries one member of a group away from the others and fights that single toon in a new location on top of a hill.

  • If you don't kill Arr fast, he sometimes gets bored while fighting and flies away.

  • He usually cons orange to 50s but sometimes he's red and occasionally purple.

  • He's bigger than other griffons.

  • Arr is not connected to a mob in northern Gripklosa called Teetering Block of Ice.

  • When Arr grabs a character, the following text usually appears: "With a fierce screech and lightning speed, Arr grabs ahold of <name> and flies ups to a nearby peak!" (Typo in original.)

The following table shows some of the times and locations where Arr has attacked me. I don't think the game time is significant but people have asked me about it, so it's included.

Game Time Attacked At Ported To
0h 50m 0s 53491, 45910 54784, 48132
8h 59m 0s 26000, 49000 25316, 55671*
10h 37m 0s 27320, 50300 25316, 55671*
12h 29m 40s 22610, 4550 14423, 5364
*This location is a design flaw; it's normally inaccessible, so other toons can't come to the aid of the one that gets ported.

Arr's trophy was one of the originals introduced into the game when housing went live on June 24, 2003. The mob itself was added to the game as part of the Shrouded Isles expansion on December 3, 2002.

Arr's artwork is nicely done.

Unlike some wall trophies that are too small, Arr is a good size.

Like many trophies, Arr exhibits rendering defects when viewed from certain angles and distances.

Wall of Arr
The Wall of Arr in the trophy museum on Gaheris (lots 41 and 42 Caerwent).

Arr usually cons orange to 50s, but sometimes he's red and once in a while he's purple, like this guy.

At Benwen's request, click to see the whole pic.
Players often ask if Arr can be seen flying overhead. The answer is yes. In this screenshot, he's swooping down on the toon in the foreground.

In this picture, Arr is flying away. He had been fighting the toon who took the screenshot, got bored, and left. The dark object at lower right is the tip of the toon's sword.

Category: Griffon
Style: wall trophy
Species: unique
Level: 55
Potion: greater avian
Realm: Midgard
Zone: Gripklosa Mountains
Location: various
Time: anytime
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