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Barracudas range in level from 43 to 47, and they con blue/yellow to 50s.

You need four remains to make a single trophy. Remains drop only from plain barracudas (the ones named simply "barracuda"). Only some of the plain barracudas drop remains.

To make a barracuda trophy, bring the remains to one of the housing markets. You'll find two apprentice taxidermists there. One of them takes barracuda remains and the other takes rainbow sprite remains. Each trophy requires a greater herpetology potion.

Barracudas are found in numerous locations including:

        Oceanus Hesperos   26, 62  
      Oceanus Notos     58, 21  
        Oceanus Anatole     46, 17  
        Oceanus Anatole     24, 33  

Barracudas tend to wander, so you may have to look in a fairly large area around these locations. One of these spots — Notos 58, 21 — is shown in red on the map below.

Barracuda trophies were added to the game in version 1.68.

The red dot on this map of Notos shows one of several locations where barracudas are found.

Barracuda wall trophy
A barracuda wall trophy and the healer who hooked it, Eowerich of Pendragon.
Barracuda wall mount trophy
Category: barracuda wall trophy
Style: wall mount
Species: barracuda
Level: 43
Potion: greater herpetology
Realm: Atlantis
Zone: Notos*
Location: 58, 21*
Time: anytime
* See table at left for more locations.

Barracuda wall trophy
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