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Bignose in Old Frontier


This page shows Bignose's location before New Frontiers was added to the game. For current information, click here.


Bignose spawns in the northwest corner of Cruachan Gorge. Normally, two torcs are alive there at any given time. You have to kill them and keep killing them to give Bignose a chance to spawn. The faster you kill them, the sooner he'll pop, so stand in the spawn area (yellow dots on map below) and kill torcs the moment they appear.

Doing this is tricky, though, because it's hard to keep the entire spawn area in view due to hills. Also, the torcs wander away from the spawn area after they pop (red dots on map below), so when you first get to the camp, you'll probably have to search a bit to find the two pre-existing torcs . After those two initial torcs are dead, you can move to the spawn point and wait for new ones.

While preparing this page we killed Bignose four times. The longest we had to wait for him to pop was about an hour of real time.

Map of Bignose's spawn and roam areas in Cruachan Gorge
Northwest corner of Cruachan Gorge. Red dots indicate Bignose's roam area. Yellow dots indicate torcs' pop area.
Bignose floor trophy
Category: boar
Style: floor trophy
Species: torc
Level: 37
Potion: major mammalogy
Realm: Hib frontier
Zone: Cruachan Gorge
Location: 9, 4
Time: anytime
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