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Cerberus is an enormous three-headed rottweiler that guards the gate to Lord Agramon. You must kill him to open the door.

He's tethered (locked in place) but his aoe and disease spells hit at very long range. You can kill him with a single tank if the tank gets a lot of heals. Once you start whacking Cerberus his casting stops, but as you run up to him you'll take a lot of damage, so sprint to him fast.

For directions to the secret tunnel that leads to him, click here.

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In Greek mythology, Cerberus (also spelled Kerberos) guarded the gates of Haides. Here's what www.theoi.com says about him:

He was posted to prevent ghosts of the dead from leaving the underworld. Kerberos was described as a three-headed dog with a serpent's tail, a mane of snakes, and a lion's claws. Some say he had fifty heads, though this number might have included the heads of his serpentine mane.

One of the twelve Labours of Herakles was to fetch Kerberos from the underworld, which he accomplished through the grace of Persephone.

This trophy was added to the game in version 1.86 (the Labyrinth expansion) on November 14, 2006.

Keres wall trophy

Herakles (Hercules) capturing Cerberus in an ancient Greek vase painting in the Louvre Museum..

Same event, different painting. This one's my fave.

Notice how tiny Hercules's genitals are. Do you know why ancient Greek painters drew them that way? The answer is very interesting. And no, it's not because he took steroids!
Cerberus wall trophy
Category: unique
Style: wall trophy
Species: unique
Level: 68?
Potion: extraordinary behemoth and etched aquamarine eye
Realm: Labyrinth
Zone: Agramon's Lair
Location: 51750, 26720
Time: anytime; respawns in 4 or 5 minutes
Details about the vase paintings can be found on www.theoi.com.
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