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Chisisi drops the Band of Stars artifact. She spawns in two tombs in Stygian Delta. One tomb is at 33, 6 and the other is at 10, 20.

Chisisi is an iaculus. An iaculus, according to European mythology, was a Libyan snake that threw itself like a spear at its prey. An old book called the Aberdeen Bestiary, written around 1200 AD, offers this description:

The iaculus is a snake which flies. Lucan says of it: "The iaculus that can fly." (Pharsalia, 9, 720). For they spring into trees and when anything comes their way, throw themselves on it and kill it. As a result, they are called iaculi, 'javelin-snakes'.

This trophy was added to the game in version 1.69.

Chisisi awall trophy
Chisisi wall trophy
Chisisi and Daehien
Chisisi (left) is smaller than Daehien (right). For a comparison of all three iaculus trophies, click here.
Chisisi wall trophy
Category: iaculus
Style: wall trophy
Species: unique
Level: 60
Potion: extraordinary behemoth potion and etched aquamarine eye
Realm: Atlantis
Zone: Stygian Delta
Location: 33, 6
10, 20
Time: anytime
Fifteenth-century illustration of an iaculus.
A fifteenth-century illustration of an iaculus from the Bestiary of Ann Walsh.
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