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Daewain used to spawn underneath the bridge near Basar, but Mythic changed him in version 1.82. He now spawns on top of the bridge, at the west end.

The change is not an improvement. The old Daewain was more interesting and more fun than the new one. Moreover, like many of the recent revisions to mobs in classic zones, the work has been done in a shoddy way. In his new location, right after he spawns, Daewain gets killed by an NPC guard who wanders across the bridge from Basar.

If you want to kill Daewain before the guard does, you have to sit at the west end of the bridge and wait for Daewain to spawn. Kill him immediately as soon as he appears, otherwise the guard will get him.

This page is current as of release version 1.82.

Right after Daewain spawns, a guard crosses the bridge from Basar and kills him. The guard then returns across the bridge on a misplaced trajectory that makes him collide with a bridge support.



Category: Frog
Style: floor trophy
Species: unique
Level: 5
Potion: minor herpetology
Realm: Hibernia
Zone: Connacht
Location: west end of Basar bridge
Time: anytime

Frog trophies in DAOC
There are five frog trophies in the game. From left to right: Morty, Cronker, Daewain, Croaker Jigdorn, Worry Wort
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