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Echo of Qebehsenuef

This trophy was added to the game in test version 1.69d in March 2004. Three weeks later, in 1.69m, Mythic removed the trophy from the game due to "issues with the trophy art." At the time Mythic said the removal was temporary, but the trophy was never restored.

After a delay of four and a half years, this trophy was added to the live servers in 1.96c.

Echo of Qebehsenuef is the mob in Trial 5.1.

The trophy is named Qebehsenuef Wall Trophy without the word echo.

The mob doesn't always drop the remains even if a character in the group gets ML credit. This is probably a bug.

In ancient Egyptian mythology, Qebehsenuef was one of four sons of the god Horus. He had a falcon's head and a human body. His head appeared on the canopic jars that held the intestines of dead people in tombs.

Qebehsenuef wall trophy
Qebehsenuef wall trophy
Echo of Qebehsenuef
Qebehsenuef wall trophy
Category: Echo of Qebehsenuef
Style: wall trophy
Species: unique
Level: 70?
Potion: ?
Realm: Atlantis
Zone: Halls of Ma'Ati
Location: 20, 26
27, 41
Time: anytime
Canopic jars
Canopic jars from an ancient Egyptian tomb. The jar on the left has Qebehsenuef's head on it. It once held human intestines.
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