Fire Ant Frendrat

Fire Ant Frendrat
Level: 35

Type: ant

Potion: greater carnivorous

Alb Old Lands

Cornwall: 1k, 29k

Fire Ant Frendrat is the only mob we know of that wanders back and forth between two zones. You'll find him at the north end of the border between Cornwall and Lyonesse near the ocean. He seems to regard the Cornwall side as his home, but he often runs into Lyonesse to fight with hamadryads. He's the only ant in this area; he's not part of a camp. We've seen him as far east as 1, 29 in Cornwall and as far west as 61.5, 29.6 in Lyonesse. He cons green to 50s. You don't have to kill anything to make him pop, so the easiest way to find him is by parking a toon in his area and logging in occasionally to see whether he has spawned. Directions: From the Western Cornwall stable (Yarley's) follow the road northwest to the Lyonesse border; then walk straight north to the ocean. If you haven't passed Frendrat, walk west a little way into Lyonesse (to about 62,000 on the east-west axis) and then south to the road through the hamadryads, making a loop.