Many players have so much trouble finding Geirshnae that they think he’s been removed from the game. In fact he’s easy to find if you follow the instructions on this page.

Using the strategy outlined below, it took just 20 minutes of real time to find him when I updated this page in 2019.

Geirshnae is the smallest of the four cockatrice trophies in the game. For size comparison, click here.

The Facts

  • Geirshnae can spawn anywhere in the southeast valley of Cliffs of Moher. That’s a pretty big area. (See map below.)

  • After he spawns he’s restricted to a small roam area. (For an explanation of roam areas and spawn areas, click here.)

  • He spawns shortly after dawn and despawns (gets removed by the server) at dusk.

  • He doesn’t spawn every day. It’s not unusual for ten day/night cycles to pass before he spawns.

  • You don’t have to kill anything to make him spawn.

The Strategy

Putting these facts together, here’s an easy way to catch him. Park a toon in his valley. At about 9 am game time, run through the valley to see if he popped. You’ll need to make a few passes to see the whole area. If he’s not there, park the toon and come back in about 45 minutes when it’s 9 am game time again. Repeat until you see him. It’s not unusual to do this ten times or more before he appears — but that takes only 30 real minutes in total so it’s not a problem.

Geirshnae pops in the circled valley. It’s bordered on the west at 40k, on the north at 50k, on the east at 54k, and on the south at 57k.

Geirshnae’s trophy was one of the originals which were added to the game when Foundations, the housing expansion, went live in version 1.63 on June 24, 2003.

In a Nutshell

Trophy type
lesser avian
Hib classic
Cliffs of Moher
see map
Time found
daylight only
24 hours, low probability
June 24, 2003 — Release 1.63

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