Glacier Giant

Our runemaster wonders if the developers at Broadsword are trying to tell us something.

The Glacier Giant is a huge ice giant in the Mid Frontier. In the early days of the game he was the toughest mob in Midgard. He’s the counterpart of the Green Knight in Albion and Evern in Hibernia.

During the years I played DAOC, the Glacier Giant didn’t drop remains. Whether he does now — I have no idea. As I’ll explain in a moment, the trophy in the picture above was bought from an NPC. It didn’t drop from the mob.

The mob has white fingernails. The trophy, which was made 15 years after the mob was created, has black fingernails. I think this is disrespectful to the original artists at Mythic. It’s also disrespectful to the integrity of the game. This is an example of self-endulgence on the part of the more recent developer, who wanted to feel creative even though his or her creativity was damaging to the game. It’s like a museum curator carving his initials in an old painting under his care.

This trophy was sold to players in 2018 for bounty points as part of a time-limited campaign which is described here:

Bounty Point Extravaganza and July 4th Bonuses

The trophy’s price, I’ve been told, was one million bounty points.

If you want to give the Glacier Giant a shot, you’ll find him at 32.0k, 46.3k in Odin’s Gate. He’s not difficult except for the fact that he sometimes ports toons away.

The Glacier Giant as he appeared in the original game in Old Frontiers. Back then he stood in the middle of snow-covered mountains so his name made sense. Screenshot credit: Fury of Circle of Souls on Original link.

Many thanks to Lucy of Gaheris, guild master of Survivors, for giving me this trophy.