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Moloch, Glamaim, Banahogg

This mob is found in all three realms, but with three different names:

Albion: Moloch
Hibernia: Glamaim
Midgard: Banahogg

In all three realms, the mob is one of the bosses in the circle-of-five dungeon. It usually respawns within five to ten minutes.

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The trophy requires an etched aquamarine eye and extraordinary behemoth potion.

This mob and its trophy were introduced to the game on October 11, 2005 when Darkness Rising went live.

This trophy is on display in house 42, Caerwent, on Gaheris.

Many thanks to Haytr and Ragniff of Gaheris for donating this trophy.

Moloch, Glamaim, Banahogg
Moloch, Glamaim, Banahogg
Moloch, Glamaim, Banahogg

Moloch, Glamaim, Banahogg
Moloch, Glamaim, Banahogg
Category: Circle of Five
Style: floor trophy
Species: unique
Level: 60?
Potion: extraordinary behemoth potion and etched aquamarine eye
Realm: All
Zone: Circle of Five dungeons
Time: anytime

Reader's Comment

"Glamaim looks like a glob of gook that somebody fished out of the strainer in their kitchen sink

"Wtf is going on at Mythic with these new trophies? It's hard to believe a professional artist could make such crappy art. You would think they would be embarrassed to put these things in a product that has their logo on it"

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