High Priestess Ywera

High Priestess Ywera
Level: 47

Type: skeleton

Potion: greater carnivorous

Alb Old Lands

Stonehenge Barrows: 26.3k, 17.1k

At the current time (July 2016) High Princess Ywera is not dropping remains. Many thanks to Boudecca of Gaheris for reporting this. High Priestess Ywera is found in Stonehenge Barrows in Salisbury Plains. She spawns next to the stone altar in the northeast room filled with skeletal druids, petrified grovewoods, and sacrificial souls. To make Ywera pop, kill the skeletal high priestess repeatedly. Each time the priestess respawns there is a small chance that Ywera will appear in her place. You may have to kill for hours before Ywera spawns.