Level: 23

Type: cat

Potion: lesser mammalogy

Hib Old Lands

Silvermine Mts.: 36.5k, 48k

Hondrund is a rare spawn that turns into a beautiful light gray floor trophy resembling a lynx. If you can find him, he'll be at the south end of the long hill that forms part of the east shoreline of the lake in Silvermine Mountains. Hondrund stands alone on his part of the hill; there are no other mobs near him. Directions: From Howth, go south along the lake to the bridge and cross it to the east. Then follow the shore north until you come to the hill that forms a long section of the eastern shore. Hondrund is on the south end of that hill. If you reach the sheevra swordsmen and skirmishers on the shore, you have gone a little too far; turn right to the hill and follow it back south a few steps to where it begins.