Rarest trophy mob in the game

Of all the game’s trophy mobs, Howl is the most reluctant to appear. You may have to kill his placeholders for dozens of hours before he spawns. Queen Major is also famous for her shyness, and so are a few others, but Howl is the most reclusive of all.

His trophy looks exactly like the other wolf trophies except that it’s the smallest.

Howl’s trophy was discovered by Boudecca of Gaheris in 2008 when she noticed the remains on a market explorer. Until then Howl’s trophy wasn’t mentioned in announcements or published lists. The date when Howl’s trophy was added to the game is unknown, but I think Mythic probably introduced it in 2003 along with the other wolf trophies. If that’s true, Howl’s trophy was in the game for five years before trophy hunters learned about it.

If that’s really what happened, Howl’s trophy is the only one in the game’s history that went undiscovered for a long time. Dasyatis was a little bit similar but there were two differences. First, Mythic announced Dasyatis's trophy in patch notes when he was added to the game, so players always knew it existed. The only thing they didn’t know was the mob’s location. But with Howl, players didn’t know that the trophy existed until Boudecca discovered it. Second, Dasyatis was found after eight months but Howl apparently took five years.

To make Howl pop, kill lots of dark hounds at the south end of Myrkwood (see map below). And I do mean “lots”. The quickest way I’ve found is with a level-50 caster. Run in a huge circle centered at 32k, 56k. Stick whatever toon you need to the caster so you have both run speed and endo for sprinting. Your caster will be able to kill dark hounds faster than they spawn, and you can’t go faster than that. Another tip: park a third toon on the center point as a visual marker to help keep yourself oriented as you go around in your big circle. Once Howl pops, switch to a lower-level toon because the remains won’t drop if the mob is gray to any toon in the group that kills it.

White dots show the locations of 504 dark hounds, the placeholders that you have to kill to make Howl spawn. The center of the white area is 32k, 56k Myrkwood. (How did I make this map?)

Same as previous map but zoomed in. White dots show dark hounds (placeholders). Red and blue dots show roam areas of two instances (distinct spawns on different days) of Howl. Howl’s roam areas are probably placed randomly by the server and can be located anywhere on top of the white dots. For information about roam areas, see The Truth About Mob Locations. (How did I make this map?)

People complain that Howl is incredibly hard to get but actually all you have to do is kill 42,000 of these. Just kidding. I made Howl pop twice while I wrote this page. The first time I needed to kill about 200 dark hounds; the second time, about 700.

In a Nutshell

dark hounds
floor trophy
Myrkwood Forest
32k, 56k (but see maps and text)
lesser mammalogy
Unknown (see text)

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