Level: 10

Type: lion

Potion: minor mammalogy

Mid Old Lands

Vale of Mularn: 10k, 25k

Hrrgyf turns into a medium-sized lion trophy. He spawns at the hill cat camp on the mountain ridge near the entrance to DF. Directions: From Svasud Faste, walk south along the western (right-hand) shore of the lake. As you walk, there will be a mountain ridge on your right. When you reach the end of the ridge, at the end of the lake, climb up onto it. The whole ridge is covered with hill cats; Hrrgyf spawns among them. The south end, where you are now standing, is the safest place to begin pulling. Optional: The Monstrous Beast quest, given by Vik (24, 56), requires you to kill Hrrgyf.