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Hurika is a griffon in Tuscaran Glacier. His trophy looks exactly like Arr's. Players reported in the early years that he didn't always drop a remains.

Here are some nice instructions for killing him that were posted on VN by Escherichia (reprinted by permission):

Hurika is an easy focus pull. ML9 pet helps but is not really required; I'd recommend bringing a menty or valk for HoTs if you don't have ML9 though. I killed Hurika about 5 times with a chanter/cleric/valk trio before getting bored with it.

With a zerg you normally have one toon climb up, pull Hurika, and jump down to drag her to where everybody is waiting. But if you bring only a group or less, you can kill her up on the ledge. Climb up the ice wall to the left of the exit of Issorden's room — it's the correct wall if splits into a left and a right part some yards above the ground; it's not the correct one if there are 2 ways up from the floor that merge. Take the right branch all the way up. Sometimes Hurika will sit on the upper ledge; if not, you have to walk to the edge of the platform, pull her, and drag her to the center of the platform. This will help with her yelling for help a bit.

The pulling part is where a valk with a CL long range bolt comes in real handy; use the bolt to pull, engage, and drag her to the center; then have the pet pick up aggro. If you don't have a ML9 pet, peeling aggro might be difficult; in that case, use a underhill ally, and no heals (not even self heals) on the valk. The valk will take damage, the pet will start healing, and Hurika will aggro the pet after a while.

If you want to melee her down instead of focus pulling, be sure to bring LOTS of petspam, or you'll take forever. In that case, bring an alightment mythirian (to avoid falling damage), have your puller climb up, pull, and jump down. Best puller toons are a valk or warden in this case because they can self heal after the fall and don't die from Hurika aggro that fast.

— Escherichia

Hurika's artwork is nicely done, except that...

...like many trophies, Hurika exhibits rendering defects when viewed from certain angles and distances.

Unlike some wall trophies that are too small, Hurika is a decent size.

Category: Griffon
Style: wall trophy
Species: unique
Level: 85?
Potion: greater avian
Realm: Midgard
Zone: Tuscaran Glacier
Location: 45k, 31k
Time: anytime
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