Khrin is part of a pack of eight saber-toothed cats, all yellow to 50, that plods tirelessly through the dismal wastelands of Delling Crater. Moving their limbs with an eerie machine-like synchrony, endlessly trudging through black ashes and cinders, they seem like ghosts condemned to search forever in a realm where nothing can be found. Death and compulsion and unappeasable hunger hang over them like a doom.

If you want Khrin’s remains, be prepared to do some serious walking, because his roam area covers a lot of ground. He wanders from the edge of the crater all the way east to the zone wall, and from the griffons all the way south to the berm that marks the border of Faraheim.


Khrin is rarely up. He spawns infrequently, and players hunt him intensively. Given the large area he covers, the best way to find him is a search pattern. Crisscross his territory in a series of parallel lines as if you are mowing a lawn.

When you attack him, his whole pack of eight cats will rush at you simultaneously. He has more hitpoints than a normal yellow.

You can get Khrin’s remains with a small group of players (two or three) if you are willing to die. (This was written in 2003 when toons were much weaker than today.) You need to park a rezzer nearby who is not part of the group. Everybody except the rezzer should attack Khrin, ignoring the other cats. After you kill him, the other cats will tear you apart, but that’s okay. Your rezzer will rez you right away, and you’ll pick up the loot before it poofs.

On the map of Delling Crater below, Khrin’s approximate roam area is shown in red.

Map of Khrin's roam area in Delling Crater

In a Nutshell

sabertooth tiger’s head
wall mount
saber-toothed cat
greater mammalogy
Mid SI
Delling Crater
44, 47

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