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Kleps and Klops

Kleps and Klops are seen so infrequently that many players believe they have been removed from the game by Mythic.

But these two cyclops are still in the game. The reason they are seldom seen is that they spawn only when the Cyclops Eye Shield encounter turns out a certain way. If you know the trick, you can make them spawn whenever this encounter is up. Here's how:

Step 1. Go to the floating island at 34.7k, 19.2k in Arbor Glen where the Cyclops Eye Shield encounter takes place.

Step 2. Do not kill any friendly cyclops at the base of the ramp.

Step 3. Go up the ramp to the island. If you get ported to the ground as you try to step onto the island, the boss mob of the encounter is not up, and you will have to come back later.

Step 4. If you can step onto the island, kill all the statues except Kertom.

Step 5. Fight Kertom until he is almost dead. The lower his hitpoints, the better, but don't kill him.

Step 6. Pull all your toons away from Kertom.

Step 7. Make sure all the statues (besides Kertom) are dead. If any of them is alive, this trick won't work.

Step 8. Send one weak member of your group to Kertom and allow Kertom to kill it.

Step 9. A red-con cyclops will climb the ramp, run to Kertom, and fight him. The reason you reduced Kertom's hitpoints in step 5 was to make sure this cyclops wins the fight.

Step 10. If the cyclops wins, he will grab the Cyclops Eye Shield from Kertom and run past you and down the ramp. If he aggros you as he passes, don't fight him. Just lead him to the ground and let him hit you without hitting back until he loses interest.

Step 11. The cyclops will run a short distance south to a small hill at 31.0k, 26.3k in Arbon Glen. Follow him. When he reaches that location, Kleps and Klops will spawn. Kill all three of them for loot and the remains.

These trophies were added to the game in version 1.69.

Many thanks to Bluebird of Bedevere. I learned how to spawn Kleps and Klops from instructions on his blog. (Bluebird's instructions were plagiarized by Docyn of Gaheris in this thread on VN Boards, but Bluebird was the person who really wrote them.)

Kleps floor trophy
Kleps floor trophy
Kleps and Klops are identical
Trophies of Kleps and Klops are identical.
Kleps and Klops
Kleps floor trophy
Category: cyclops
Style: floor trophy
Species: unique
Level: 70
Potion: extraordinary behemoth potion and etched aquamarine eye
Realm: Atlantis
Zone: Arbor Glen
Location: 31.0k, 26.3k
Time: anytime
Polyphemus on ancient Greek vase
This ancient vase painting shows Odysseus stabbing the eye of Polyphemus, the most famous of the younger cyclops.
Vase painting reproduced from www.theoi.com.
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