Level: 33

Type: wolf

Potion: major mammalogy

Hib Old Lands

Bri Leith: 11k, 59k

Lashold is a rage wolf that spawns in southern Bri Leith. He's reputed to be extremely rare, but you can kill him whenever you want if you know the trick. Here's how. Go to the place where he spawns: 11k, 59k. Kill all the mobs in the immediate area: faerie drakes, fee lions, rage wolves, and faerie steeds. Within a minute or two after you've cleared the area, several mobs will pop near 11, 59. One of the new mobs will probably be Lashold, but if not, repeat the process. He will almost certainly appear within the next two or three spawns. Warning: Lashold is often linked to a second wolf. When you pull one of them, both will attack you. Directions: From Druim Cain, take the horse to Tir na mBeo. When you see the guard tower, jump off the horse.