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Maldahar the Glimmer Prince

Maldahar is the second-toughest mob in Sheeroe Hills, the classic Hibernian epic zone. Only the dragon is harder.

When you see Maldahar go into a slow-motion wind-up with his arms over his head, get ready to heal. This special attack hits RR11 pallies for more than 1900 hp's.

You'll find Maldahar at one of the Glimmer Fort Ruins. The locations are:

34k, 49k
43k, 46k
58k, 4k

Maldahar's trophy was added to the game in version 1.75 on April 6, 2005.

Maldahar floor trophy
Maldahar floor trophy
Category: Maldahar
Style: floor trophy
Species: unique
Level: 73?
Potion: extraordinary behemoth potion and etched aquamarine eye
Realm: Hibernia
Zone: Sheeroe Hills
Location: 34k, 49k
43k, 46k
58k, 4k
Time: anytime
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