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This trophy was added to the game in test version 1.69d in March 2004. Three weeks later, in 1.69m, Mythic removed the trophy from the game due to "issues with the trophy art." At the time Mythic said the removal was temporary, but the trophy was never restored.

After a delay of four and a half years, this trophy was added to the live servers in 1.96c.

Mesedsubastet drops the Healing Embrace Cloak artifact. He follows a convoluted path in Stygian Delta and Land of Atum with a pack of five crazed lions that are orange/red to 50.

Red dots show Mesedsubastet's path in Stygian Delta. When he reaches the left edge of the map, he continues a short distance into the southeast corner of Land of Atum (not shown).
Mesedsubastet floor trophy
Mesedsubastet floor trophy
Mesedsubastet floor trophy
Tutankhsekhmet and Mesedsubastet floor trophies
Trophies of Tutankhsekhmet and Mesedsubastet are identical.
Mesedsubastet floor trophy
Category: Mesedsubastet
Style: floor trophy
Species: unique
Level: 65
Potion: ?
Realm: Atlantis
Zone: Stygian Delta
Location: see map at left
Time: anytime
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