Level: 60

Type: manta

Potion: greater herpetology

Hib SI

Cothrom Gorge: 12k, 12k

Nkosi is a devil ray, one of the flying mantas that flap their wings tirelessly over a small lake in the northwest corner of Cothrom's Gorge. The camp usually contains about a dozen non-named devil rays which are red/purple to 50. Since they are airborn, you'll need a ranged attack to pull them. Nkosi has an aoe nuke; the non-named devil rays do not. These mobs BaF. It's safe to swim in the lake or stand on the southwest bank. Directions: From Grove of Domnann, take a horse to Grove of Aalid Feie. Walk north on the road. After log bridge, continue north. After entering Cothrom Gorge, pass hill on left. Then turn left and walk west along south zone wall of Cothrom Gorge until you reach west zone wall. Then turn right and walk north along west zone wall until you reach the lake. If you hug the zone walls, you will reach lake without encountering aggro.