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Oldest is the largest cockatrice trophy in the game. He looks like a ferocious chicken with a tapered, scaly tail.

Oldest is found in southeast Salisbury Plains. It is impossible to give an exact location for him because the server puts his roam area in a different place each time he spawns. This is true of many trophy mobs, but with Oldest, the variation is unusually large. In order to be sure of seeing him, you must examine a circular area which is approximately 20,000 units in diameter.

The map below makes this clearer. It shows locations of 40 separate instances (spawns) of Oldest. The black circle indicates the boundary of the area where he can be found.

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Map of Oldest's roam areas
The dots on this map of southeast Salisbury Plains show Oldest's locations at various times. This map includes locations from 40 different instances (spawns) of Oldest.
Oldest  floor trophy
Category: cockatrice
Style: floor trophy
Species: basilisk
Level: 22
Potion: lesser avian
Realm: Albion
Zone: Salisbury Plains
Location: see text
Time: anytime
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