Orseo Trophies

Also known as Mauler trophies

Orseo Garden Trophy also known as Mauler Garden Trophy

Orseo Floor Trophy also known as Mauler Floor Trophy

As you can see from the screenshots, this trophy comes in two versions, one for indoors and the other for outdoors. They look exactly alike except the indoor one is larger.

On Ywain these trophies are called “Mauler” and on Gaheris they are called “Orseo.” They are no longer available on Ywain but you can still get them on Gaheris.

These trophies were originally part of an in-game event associated with the opening of the Labyrinth of the Minotaur expansion (patch 1.86, November 14, 2006). The server gave them to players who were at Circle of Agramon when the Mauler class was unlocked. The gift was implemented as a quest reward, and you can read about the mechanics on this old quest walkthrough.

At that time the trophies were called “Mauler Garden Trophy” and “Mauler Floor Trophy”.

Because that event happened only on RvR servers, these trophies didn’t exist on Gaheris until three and a half years later when Rob Frazier, the Mythic employee who made most of Gaheris’s special content, created a multistep PvE encounter on Gaheris that gives these two trophies as rewards (patch 1.102, April 14, 2010). He put that encounter in the central keep in Cathal Valley which is a PvE zone on Gaheris. I assume that he changed the names of the trophies from “Mauler” to “Orseo” at that time because the Cathal Valley keep is called “Orseo”.

Unfortunately, the Gaheris encounter has always been buggy. It frequently gets stuck and refuses to reset or advance to the next step until the server as a whole gets reset, which normally happens only after a patch.

The bottom line is that these trophies are no longer available on Ywain, and the old rare copies that exist there are named “Mauler.” The trophies are still available on Gaheris, where they are named “Orseo,” provided that the encounter isn’t broken on the day you want to do it.

The trophies are not tradeable on Ywain but you can buy one by paying somebody to place it in your house or garden.

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