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Pallida-Uraei in Version 1.69d

Pallida-Uraei is the mob in Trial 6.4. She's a uraeus.

A uraeus was an ornament worn on the forehead by kings and queens of ancient Egypt as a symbol of sovereignty. It represented the cobra-godess Wadjet rising up in anger to destroy the monarch's enemies with her fiery breath.

This trophy was added to the game in version 1.69.

Pallida-Uraei wall trophy
Pallida-Uraei wall trophy
Chisisi and Pallida-Uraei.
Chisisi (left) and Pallida-Uraei (right). The plaques are the same size, but Pallida-Uraei's body is larger.
Pallida-Uraei wall trophy
Category: uraeus
Style: wall trophy
Species: unique
Level: 59
Potion: ?
Realm: Atlantis
Zone: Typhons Reach
Location: 10, 23
Time: anytime
Uraeus from mask of King Tutankhamen
An ancient uraeus on the mask of King Tutankhamen. This object is about 3400 years old.
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