Compared to most mobs in Dark Age of Camelot, Prugor is a genius. The average mob does nothing more than wander aimlessly and attack, but Prugor is a monster on a mission. Day and night, never tiring, he runs from one vendo village to the next in the Vale of Mularn, carrying important messages in his doughy fists.

Prugor spawns at the campfire in the south vendo village at location 25.2, 23.1. If you kill him immediately, the game usually creates him again after a delay of four real-life minutes (equal to two game hours).

As soon as Prugor spawns, he starts running to the northern vendo villages. He visits there for about a minute and then returns home. After a short rest, he repeats the journey. His route is shown in red on the map below.

His round trip takes between five and ten real-life minutes. (I clocked it and found that it varies.)

Prugor runs forever between the vendo villages in Vale of Mularn along the route shown in pale blue. He starts at 25200, 23069 and finishes at 24860, 12200. Then he returns and starts again. How did I make this map?

The ideal place to farm Prugor is on the hillside overlooking the south village at location 25, 26. From this spot you can ambush him as he begins his run to the north villages, just seconds after he spawns, without interference from other mobs. Four minutes later, he'll let you do it again.

Occasionally Prugor gets drafted into the four-mob posse that runs with another named vendo, Rathis. When this happens, Prugor usually remains in Rathis's group until he dies.

Prugor’s base level was 11 when he was first introduced but nowadays it’s higher, probably around 16.

Prugor’s trophy was one of the originals which were added to the game when Foundations, the housing expansion, went live in version 1.63 on June 24, 2003.

In a Nutshell

Trophy type
lesser mammalogy
Mid classic
Vale of Mularn
see map
4 minutes, high probability
June 24, 2003 — Release 1.63

Prugor is one of two mobs in the game whose trophy artwork doesn’t match his mob artwork. The other one is Glacier Giant. Nowadays Prugor looks like this because Mythic changed the artwork for vendos in 2005, the year they wrecked the classic zones by removing large numbers of mobs and making other counterproductive and pointless changes. Luckily they forgot to change the artwork for Prugor’s trophy.

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