Queen Major

The most reclusive insect in the game

Queen Major is notoriously reluctant to appear. On average you’ll have to kill 230 placeholders to make her spawn. But things are rarely average and the number varies greatly. If you’re curious about the exact number, see ‘A Little Test’ below.

The good thing is that although you’ll probably need to kill a ton of placeholders, you can do it very easily. All you need to do is park a caster with a 1500-range dd in the center of Queen Major’s area and repeatedly tap three keys: target nearest, face, and dd. With this method Queen Major is much easier than Howl, a mob whose chance of spawning is also very low, but whose placeholders roam over a very large area, making it necessary for you to run around for hours.

Queen Major’s trophy was one of the originals which were added to the game when Foundations, the housing expansion, went live in version 1.63 on June 24, 2003.

Queen Major’s base level was 10 in the early days of the game, but Mythic raised it to 14 when they revamped the starter zones in Spring 2005.

Queen Major’s placeholders are army ant soldiers and army ant workers. On average you’ll need to kill about 230 of them to make her appear, but this number varies greatly.

A Little Test

To try to measure the exact probability that Queen Major will spawn instead of one of her placeholders, I logged thousands of deaths and repops at her camp and did some math.

Before I show you the results, let me say that I am assuming some things that I don’t know for sure:

  • That the unnamed mobs really are placeholders — in other words, that Queen Major has a chance of spawning in place of one of the mobs that I call placeholders.
  • That the chance of Queen Major spawning is the same for army ant soldiers and army ant workers.
  • That Queen Major has the same chance to spawn in place of any of the ants in the camp.
  • That the speed with which the ants get killed does not affect the measured probability of Queen Major’s spawning.

Here are my measurements. I killed everything that spawned in the camp so “killed” is synonomous with “spawned”:

Soldiers killed
Workers killed
Queens Major killed
Prob.* soldiers
Prob.* workers
Prob.* QM
.4327 ± .0094
.5629 ± .0094
.0044 ± .0013

How did I collect these numbers?

*Prob. is the chance of spawning calculated as the 95% binomial confidence interval using the adjusted Wald method. Data was collected from October 17 to October 22, 2019 in release version 1.125d on Gaheris.

In a Nutshell

floor trophy
East Svealand
18k, 52k
army ant workers, army ant soldiers
minor carnivorous
June 24, 2003 — Release 1.63

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