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Rangfar seems hard to find because he spawns in a field of wolves that spreads over a huge area. But in fact the wolves belong to several separate camps. To find Rangfar, you only have to deal with wolves in a tiny portion of the field.

The map below shows locations of Rangfar and other wolves in northwest Avalon Marsh.

Each red dot represents a giant wolf. Yellow dots represent Rangfar at different points in time as he wanders. The gray diamond at the bottom is Caer Witrin. As you can see from the way the dots cluster, Rangfar is found in the eastern camp near the bridge. The center of Rangfar's roam area is at location 24.8k, 28.7k.

To make Rangfar pop, kill giant wolves in the eastern camp near 24k, 29k. Sometimes this takes hours.

Rangfar used to be level 17, but Mythic raised his level to 28 in spring 2005 as part of a general overhaul of mob levels in the classic lowbie zones.

Map of giant wolf camp in Avalon Marsh.
Rangfar floor trophy.
Body type: wolf
Trophy type: floor
Species: giant wolf
Level: 28
Potion: lesser mammalogy
Realm: Alb old lands
Zone: Avalon Marsh
Location: 24.8k, 28.7k
Time: any time
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