Level: 5

Type: wolf

Potion: minor mammalogy

Alb Old Lands

Black Mts. South: 7k, 52k

Throatripper is the lowest trophy mob in Albion. He spawns every night, so he's easy to get. This website used to tell people that if you don't see him, you should trigger his spawn by killing large black wolves in his vicinity. Unfortunately, Mythic raised the levels of those mobs in spring of 2005 but left Throatripper unchanged, so this can be difficult. Directions: From the north gate of Camelot Castle, go left to Vetusta Abbey and then head northwest toward the west zone wall. Throatripper is located in the valley with the dwarf raiders. Optional: The Ripper quest, given by Lieutenant Jursen at the nearby guard tower (location 6, 60), requires you to kill Throatripper.