Ulor se Bysen

As of October 15, 2019, this trophy is bugged. The taxidermist refuses to take the remains.

Ulor is an ogre in Krondon, also known as the Ogre Citadel, in Aldland in Alb SI.

His name is spelled “Vlor” in numerous places — the old DAOC SI Prima Guide, Valmerwolf maps, an old French guild forum, and Allakazam — but he’s named “Ulor” in the game on American servers.

Ulor’s trophy was added to DAOC in 2018 as part of a campaign by Broadsword to reduce the number of bounty points in the game, as described in the following link:

Bounty Point Extravaganza and July 4th Bonuses

The trophy in the picture above was bought from an NPC with bounty points. As of October 15, 2019, you cannot make the trophy from the mob because the taxidermist refuses to take the remains.

To get to Krondon, port to Caer Diogel from Caer Gothwaite and run. You don’t have to run far but if you want to save a little time, take a horse to Anniogel or a dragonfly to Clifton and jump off.

Ulor’s in a room filled with reds and purples near the back on the right side. He likes to keep his distance and cast, and the room repops before he dies.

Many thanks to Lucy of Gaheris, guild master of Survivors, for lending me this trophy.