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Vaerin and his trophy were seen on Pendragon in 2003 when the original batch of trophies was tested, but nobody reported them on live servers until patch 1.96c in November 2008.

Vaerin wanders outside the south entrance of Avalon City. He's usually on the ramp but may go a few units past the edge, in which case he's hard to see because of the steep slope.

To make him pop, kill unnamed Drakorans on the ramp. It can take several hours.

Vaerin's trophy is identical to Martley's.

Many thanks to Daxx for information about Vaerin in 2003.

Vaerin wall trophy
Vaerin wall trophy
Vaerin wall trophy
Vaerin wall trophy
Talos floor trophy
Category: Vaerin
Style: wall trophy
Species: Drakoran
Level: 35
Potion: lesser herpetology
Realm: Albion
Zone: Avalon Isle
Location: 29k, 35.5k
Time: anytime
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