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Vanol is usually found lurking on the ocean bottom near the big white rib cage at 33.5, 52.7 in Oceanus Hesperos. Sometimes he hovers near 34.4, 55.3 instead, and he may have other locations as well. The area teems with deep-chasm sharks, and Kraken is located slightly to the south, so be careful.

There is no need to kill anything to make Vanol pop. He usually respawns within four or five minutes after he dies, but sometimes the delay is longer.

As with all mobs that spawn without anything else being killed, there is no need to wait for Vanol at his camp. If you don't see him soon after you arrive at his location, park a toon there and log it in several times a day to check whether the mob has popped.

Vanol's trophy was introduced on Pendragon in test version 1.69d on March 15, 2004, but the trophy was removed from the game before the patch went live.

Over a year later, Mythic finally put Vanol on live servers in version. 1.76.

Vanol  wall trophy
Vanol  wall trophy
Razorfin and Vanol
There are three shark trophies in the game. Clockwise from upper left: Vanol, Razorfin, Megalodon. (Many thanks to Lunamaterna of Pellinor for catching a mistake in an earlier version of this caption. And thanks to her again for catching a second mistake I made while correcting the first one.)
Vanol wall trophy
Category: shark
Style: wall trophy
Species: deep-chasm shark
Level: 50
Potion: greater herpetology
Realm: Atlantis
Zone: Oceanus Hesperos
Location: 33.5, 52.7
Time: anytime
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