Level: 13

Type: single pixie

Potion: lesser avian

Alb Old Lands

Salisbury Plains: 48k, 42k

Veviel turns into a trophy board with a single green pixie on it. She's located in a grove of trees in southeastern Salisbury Plains. The other grove nymphs in her camp are neutral but be careful because they will aggro you when you attack her, and they are much higher in level (18 - 20) than she is. Just before she dies she calls for help. After Veviel dies, she usually respawns within a minute or two. (It used to be possible to pull Veviel away from her camp without drawing the other grove nymphs with her. This made the encounter interesting and doable by solo toons, but unfortunately you can no longer do this. Her calls for help are part of the original design of the encounter; they are now pointless because her guards are always with her.)