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Mythic created this trophy in 2004, but it was bugged on Pendragon. Instead of fixing it Mythic removed it from the game.

Four and a half years later somebody at Mythic remembered this old trophy and finally put it on live servers in patch 1.96c.

After such a long wait you'd hope this trophy would knock your socks off. Well, forget it. This trophy is almost as bad as Moloch, which a reader once compared to a glob of gook that somebody cleaned out of a kitchen drain.

Considering the state of DAOC today — the game is nearly dead — it's possible that Yefeu will be the last trophy model ever added to the game. It's sad to see trophies go out on such a sour note.

Yefeu is a scarab. You'll find him at 53k, 49k in Land of Atum. He's immune to confusion, and he summons three adds (yellow to 50) when he's low on hitpoints.

Yefeu floor trophy
Yefeu is large and colorful. The artist who created him back in 2004 was talented. That's one of the reasons DAOC was successful. The artists were good.

Yefeu floor trophy
Even when he's dead, Yefeu is fun to look at.

Yefeu floor trophy
Somebody at Mythic managed to turn that splendid artwork into this absurd blob.

Yefeu floor trophy
Does this look like the mob to you? Me neither.

Yefeu floor trophy
How often do you see a publisher trash its own intellectual property? With Dark Age of Camelot, all too often.

Yefeu floor trophy

This side view shows where the trophy comes from. It's a small piece of the mob — the head and front legs. Mythic has been making trophies this way for several years now. That's why the newer ones look so terrible. Why do they do this? My guess is that they do it to reduce the load on the servers that run the housing zones. Otherwise they would have to spend more on better hardware or better programming.

Yefeu floor trophy
Category: Yefeu
Style: floor trophy
Species: Sunburst scarab
Level: 48
Potion: greater carnivorous
Realm: Albion
Zone: Land of Atum
Location: 53k, 49k
Time: anytime
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