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Zrit-Zrit is found in Skona Ravine a little bit northwest of Varulvhamn Dungeon. To make him spawn, kill timberland badgers in the area shown in red on the map.

There's a quest involving Zrit-Zrit called Zrit-Zrit's Item given out by Gautr in Nalliten. Don't take this quest, because Zrit-Zrit won't drop remains while you're doing it.

Map of Zrit-Zrit's roam area in Skona Ravine.
Look for Zrit-Zrit in the red area. Dots indicate Zrit-Zrit's observed locations at different times.
Zrit-Zrit floor trophy
Category: badger
Style: floor trophy
Species: timberland badger
Level: 35
Potion: major mammalogy
Realm: Mid Old Lands
Zone: Skona Ravine
Location: 16, 39
Time: anytime
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